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Our Materials

At I&CO we wanted you to have the finest jewellery using the best quality of materials whilst maintaining our values of sustainability and low markups.

Sterling Silver 
Made from recycled 925 silver- comprised of 92.5% pure silver giving our jewellery durability. Plated with Rhodium to prevent tarnishing and ensure a high shine finish. This is also the base used for our Vermeil pieces. Each item of jewellery bears the 925 marking and an I&CO stamp.

24K Gold Vermeil
Not your average gold plating, 'ver-may' as it's pronounced is a traditional method of coating sterling silver with a thick layer of gold. In our case that is 24 Karat Gold. Giving you the highest quality without the price tag of real gold.

We use high quality zirconia in every piece of jewellery. Each stone is hand picked, cut and set by our skilled artisans. There may be variances in colour and natural inclusions may occur as no two stones will ever be the same. Each gem is cut with care and precision to give a multifaceted shine.