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Who We Are:

IMANI: 'Tis I. The one who decided to follow her passion in the middle of a pandemic. I have always been the go to person for styling and accessorising, so making my own jewellery was obviously a natural step. I hope you love wearing each piece as much as i enjoyed designing them. Trust in yourself - if something doesn't workout: Adapt & Overcome.

&CO: The Mother. The backbone and support of I. The other half of the design team and the one who worries about each millimetre being perfect for you. Also the one who liaises back and forth with those who bring our vision to life.


The Jewellery:

Handmade by Traditional Artisans from Old Lahore, using fine materials and skills that have been passed down through generations. Working with these family run businesses allows us to support traditional crafts and revive an age old industry. Especially as many have suffered to work through this pandemic.

Made with recycled 925 Silver & 24K Gold Vermeil with the finest quality Gemstones.


Fair Pricing:

Whilst many brands have ridiculous markups on their items, working hand in hand with those making our jewellery we are able to cut out all the costs that come in between us and you, the consumer. 

So, what we are saying is that you get all the golden good stuff at a fraction of the price! Sounds like a WIN-WIN to me!


We cannot wait to see you all wearing I&CO!